Medieval Week on Gotland 2014 #1: Corset Vest

Before Medieval Week on Gotland 2014, I recieved several commissions from friends visiting this amazing event for the first time. This is the beginning of a series of posts about all the different garments I created that summer

First up, my childhood friend Maria’s outfit.

10453081_10152583111588756_8761891848176724830_o - CopyMaria’s inspiration was an outfit called the Archeress dress. It seems to be more inspired by Game of Thrones and other fantasy than the actual Middle Ages, but that’s perfectly fine for Medieval Week on Gotland! Maria made the dress herself, assisted by her mother, and I made the corset-like vest. She wore the vest not only to Medieval Week on Gotland, but also to the Steampunk Convention in Gävle, Sweden that same summer.


Finished vest.

I made the vest with velvet, and sturdy cotton for lining. The original seems to be made from suede, but since that material is hard to come by and expensive, we chose velvet. Along the armholes and hips it is decorated with rolls and fabric filled with cotton, and those are in turn decorated with satin ribbons. For lacing, I used an old bootlace. The pattern is a combination of pieces from the pattern of a shirt and the pattern for my 1880s corset. I drew the rolls and shoulderpieces myself.


The lining, partly assembled.


The rolls look like little boats!