Crocheted zill mufflers


One muffler on each pair is enough.

Dancing ATS (American Tribal Style Bellydance) includes playing finger cymbals or zills. If you don’t have any music, the rythms you play are enough to dance to. They can be pretty loud though, so if you’re goind to practice at home it might be a good idea to muffle the sound. So I crocheted a pair of little “hats” for mine. I made them the simplest way possible: just crocheted in wider or narrower circles until they fit the zills. I also crocheted a little pouch using the same technique and wove in a satin ribbon to close it with.


The mufflers look like little berets!


A pouch full of zills.


Zill mufflers and pouch.

ATS Coin bra and Choli

2015-04-26 10.51.43 - Copy

This is the top part of my ATS costume. For the “coin” bra I used a regular bikini bra that is one size too big for me so that underneath there is room for my regular well-fitting bra. It is decorated with white buttons I inherited from my grandmother. I was inspired by other people who made their coin bras with sea shells, and I thought the white buttons look a little bit like that. I also used a necklace, two chains, and ribbons made from a tablecloth. I used the same tablecloth for both my tasselbelt and my green medieval dress. Busy tablecloth!


The choli is made from a short tight dress. I cut it off at chest level and used the bottom part to make sleeves and shoulder straps. I like that it’s deep blue rather than black, making the outfit more colourful.

2015-04-26 10.45.24 - Copy