DON’T BLINK! Weeping Angel from Halloween 2013

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Don’t even blink…

The theme for the Halloween party I went to in 2013 was Face Your Fears, and I chose to dress up as a Weeping Angel from the Dr Who episode Blink. That episode is scary no matter how many times I watch it! If you haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil it here, but I highly recommend it. It’s kind of a stand-alone episode, so you can watch it even if you haven’t seen any other Dr Who episodes.

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Blink, and your dead.

The outfit is a rather simple dress with elastic waist and pleats. I tried to choose fabric, wig and makeup that were of the same grey colour, and I’m particularly pleased with how the grey makeup on my skin and the fabric align. The base of the wings is made from a plastic box which I reshaped and taped together and covered with fabric. I deliberately cut the fabric of the wings rather slapdash and left  the edges raw to give the illusion of chipped stone.






They’re fast, faster than you can believe



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Don’t turn your back, don’t look away and DON’T BLINK! Good luck.

I didn’t manage to get the contacts I had bought into my eyes before the party, so my eyes are my natural brown instead of stone grey. Better luck next time! This was not an ideal party oufit, as I constantly had to keep track of where I put my painted arms so I didn’t stain any furniture. But I did manage to frighten my friends a bit, so I call it a success!

Pink Gold Peach Cosplay

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Ready to race!

I am quite incapable of hosting parties that don’t have a theme. Without a theme, how can I dress up? Most recently, I hosted a sport-themed house-warming party dressed as Pink Gold Peach from Mario Kart 8! Racing games count as sports, right? So far, Mario Kart 8 is the only game for the WiiU I own, and the only console game I’m relatively good at. I’ve wanted to cosplay my main, Pink Gold Peach, for a long time.

Then entire outfit is made with gold spandex. I drafted the pattern based on my gym tights and a t-shirt. The gloves are based on a pattern I found on the internet which I altered to make the gloves long. For the thigh high boots, I used a pair of ankle boots I already had and made long shoe covers, guided by internet tutorials. So, how do I get in and out of this outfit? Can you guess where the zipper is? It put it in a rather unorthodox place: namely around the hips! Ten points if you got it right! The other alternative was to put it at the centre back, but that would be very visible and require an extra seam (the fewer seams the better if the character you’re cosplaying doesn’t really look like they’re wearing clothes). Placed around the hips, the zipper is hidden under the belt.

Yup, I made a gold spandex body suit from scratch. For a theme party. But who knows, maybe I’ll get the chance to use the outfit again at a convention or something like that? In that case, I will probably make some kind of mask and crown, or a complete head piece, to truly become Pink Gold Peach from top to toe!



Are you going to a theme party and need an awesome outfit? Contact me!

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Back from the changing room!

New language, new name, new website, new clothes! Welcome, old and new followers!

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