May the Force be with you, Master Jedi!

This Jedi Master attended the premiere of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens dressed by me. Now he has joined the Rebel Legion! Emil had dreamed of owning proper Jedi attire ever since he was little, so this was an especially fun commission to make. Emil assembled the belt with all the little pouches himself, bought a pair of faux leather boots and weathered them and already owned the light saber. He was also inspired to make his own undertunic (barely visible at the neck here). More info on his Rebel Legion Profile!



The Force is strong with this one.


Shoulder tuck at the sleeve aligning with the tabard.

I made the Jedi tunic, tabard, obi and robe. The attire is very much inspired by traditional Japanese dress. I drafted the tunic from Emil’s aikido gi with a few changes: I added shoulder tucks (the little folds at the shoulders) and made the tunic a bit straighter. The obi and tabards are basically just long rectangular fabric tubes. The obi is wrapped around the waist and secured with the belt, and the tabards rest on the shoulders and are tucked under the obi. All except the robe made of the same oatmeal linen. For the robe, I had help from this fantastic tutorial. It is made from pure wool and very heavy! Emil had done a ton of research himself so that everything would be just right. The Rebel Legion has actual costume standards, much like historical accuracy in reenactment circles!



Jedi Master without his robe.


The tabards cross at the back under the obi and the belt.


The robe is freaking huge!

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