Oswin Oswald from Asylum of the Daleks

Yup, Clara is my favourite companion! She’s smart, fun and pretty! I first made this cosplay for a theme party, and then I added the shoes and wore it to the Swedish convention Multicon 2013. I also wore it when Sylvester McCoy was in town and there was a costume show. Both the dress and the shoes work great for everyday wear as well, which is nice for a girl with little money and a wardrobe overflowing with historical clothing only worn once a year.

The dress is made with stretch fabric in two layers. I bought the shoes and the socks, for once I actually did find the exact ones I wanted! On the belt, I simply placed a measuring tape and two hair clips. If I ever do this cosplay again, I’ll also try to craft the tools in her belt. I usually avoid cosplays that require a lot of crafting other than sewing, but at some point I suppose I’ll try that as well!

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