Green “plaid” Lolita Skirt


Omw to Närcon 2015.


Side view.


Back view.

I love green, and I love checkers, and I kind of like the Lolita style, when it isn’t too frilly. This skirt ( I suppose you could call it a dress, but I define a dress as something that can be worn alone, and this can’t unless you want to be absolutely scandalous!) is made with polyester fabric imitating plaid. I drafted it myself, partly basing it on a skirt I already had. I cut the fabric to make the squares align on the bias. It is lined with linen for more support at the tight waist and buttons at the front with fabric-covered buttons from an old shirt. The straps tie at the neck.

This is one of the few garments I’ve made over the years that I actually use on an everyday basis and not just special events. It’s pretty but doesn’t make me feel over dressed, and can be worn with many different tops underneath!


Lot’s of skirt!

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