Medieval Week on Gotland 2014 #3: Green Wool Kirtle

Before Medieval Week on Gotland 2014, I recieved several commissions from friends visiting this amazing event for the first time. This is a series of posts about all the different garments I created that summer.

This is my friend Annie’s green twill kirtle and linen shift!

Annie BĂ„tman2

10432312_10203813458797666_1915836105_nAnnie did quite a bit of research on her own before ordering her outfit. This reference picture was her main inspiration. The high waistline reminds me of Regency dresses. I made a simple pattern using rectangular pieces and triangular gussets from the armholes down. The fabric is a lovely woll twill from Korps, super light and shiny! I also made a linen shift to be worn under the kirtle, with a simliar neckline to the one in the refenrece picture. Wool can be quite itchy on your skin, so it is necessary to wear linen undergarments. Also, linen can be washed repeatedly whereas wool shouldn’t really be washed at all. EVER. It’s enough to air it. In medeival times, linen undergarments and wool outer garments are what people wore. So this outfit is a bit historically correct, even though it’s completely machine sewn.

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