Red Medieval Linen (?) Dress


Red linen dress over white linen shift.

What do you do when you’re bored at your family’s summer house and don’t have access to your sewing machine? You go to the local fabric store and find some fabric for a handsewn dress! This one is more inspired my the Middle Ages rather than being any attempt at reproduction. Linen was usually not worn as outer garments, and I’m not even sure it actually is linen. It may be some cotton blend that just looks a bit like linen. But I did handsew it with wasxed linen thread and finger braid my own cord for the lacing. I was going to cast over all of the seams on the inside by hand too, but ran out of time before Medieval Week on Gotland, so mot of them are finished by machine. Even though that isn’t very period correct either, I like the look when you can see the shift under the dress!


Seam sewn and cast over by hand.


Seam sewn by hand but zigzagged by machine.


Hem seen from the inside, sewn with silk thread.


Eyelet hand sewn with silk, finger braided cord and aglet.

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