Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!


Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

Pokémon theme party of 2012! I dressed up as Jessie from Team Rocket in the original anime. Sorry, I don’t play Pokémon, but it was one of the first animes I watched as a little girl along with Sailor Moon.







Not much sewing invloved in this costume, but some other craftiness! The top is a shirt which I folded up and secured with safety pins. I did make the skirt, by cutting off an old tank top and hemming it. The gloves are a pair of short leather gloves plus the cut of legs of faux leather leggings. Instead of boots, I wear overknee socks. The earrings are buttons attached to earring hooks. The ‘R’ is made of ribbon glued onto cardboard.



Prepare for trouble!


Make it double!



























Bild 2010-12-31 kl. 18.19 #2The hairstyling was the most work really. I teased my own hair over a huge pair of rollers with velcro and braided in some wire to make it stand a bit. Plus a ton of hairspray.



Captain Testarossa from Fullmetal Panic!


Simple anime makeup using mineral foundation, eyelash curler, white and black eye pencil and lipgloss. Plus wig and circle lenses!










I used to dislike anything with a military setting, but Fullmetal Panic! changed my mind and is now one of my favourite animes! It’s about a paramilitary organisation named Mithril and combines mechas with highschool anime fun. Teletha Testarossa is the captain of a submarine at Mithril. Even though it seems a bit unlikely that a 16-year-old girl would be given such responsibilities (because anime :P), I love how Teletha Testarossa is both a supersmart tactician and a pretty girl at the same time. Plus, the uniforms are stylish!

This was my first time making a suit, and first time cosplaying with a wig and circle lenses. I thought constructing the pattern for the suit would be the most challenging part, but I actually had a lot more trouble with the lenses! It took forever to teach my eyes to stop shutting themselves and let the lenses in. I even bought cheap one-day lenses to practise with. Now that I finally learned to do it I will certainly be using circle lenses again! The effect is stunning! I bought the lenses from PinkyParadise, I figured that to get lenses that really would cover my naturally dark eye colour, I should get them from a Japan where they expect you to have dark eyes. Most lenses you can buy in Sweden probably look great on blue eyes, but do absolutely nothing for dark brown.

I based the pattern for the jacket on the pattern of a shirt and drafted the collar and lapels myself. The skirt I copied from a pencil skirt I already had, but adjusted it significantly to fit better. Pinterest helped me sort my reference pictures. The material is cotton with acetate lining and bias tape around the edges. Unfortunately, the cosplay competition at Närcon 2015 where I was supposed to show off my finished project was cancelled due to the terrible weather. Better luck next time!



Bought badges online and embroidered over the bits that were of the wrong colour.

finished skirt

Finished skirt with a bought belt that looks just like in the anime, although you can only see in it the last scene of the last episode…

Open jacket with gold snap fasteners visible.

Made Mithril emblems from Fimo clay and mounted them on brooch fasteners.


Wig styling with satin ribbon.


Epaulette fastened with gold button and decorated with cotton ribbon.


Sleeve with Mithril badge sewn on and decorated with folded bias tape.

MUUN PURINSESU Princess Serenity

There’s a new Sailor Moon anime being aired right now: Sailor Moon Crystal! It’s much more like the manga than the old anime from the 90s. Of course, that means we had to have a Sailor Moon Party! What do you mean, this outfit is too much for just a theme party? Dressing up is the whole point of theme parties! Besides, I already had the wig, shoes and dress. The dress is my white Regency dress, I just attached a pearl necklace and a bow. I adorned my forehead with a moon-shaped earring suspended from a gold thread. Did you know that the inspiration for Princess Serenity’s dress was a design by Christian Dior? Google ”palladio dress”!

My first cosplay – Sophie Hatter from Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl’s Moving Castle by Dianna Wynne Jones has been my favourite book ever since I first found it on a school trip to the city library. So when I heard that my favourite film creator, Hayao Miyazaki, was making it into an anime I was over the moon! Howl’s Moving Castle has everything: a wonderful main character, fantasy, romance, humour, Victorian clothes…And the movie adds steampunk into the mix! Years later when I started cosplaying, the choice of which character to portray first was easy. I chose to cosplay Sophie Hatter as she appears in the beginning of the anime mostly because her hair is very much like mine, so I didn’t need to invest in a wig. I wore this cosplay to the japanese pop culture convention Uppcon in Uppsala, Sweden in 2012 and participated in the cosplay contest. I didn’t win any prize, but I don’t think I’ve ever recieved so many hugs from strangers as when I walked around the con in my cosplay! 


I made the dress from cotton fabric, being the mostly likely fabric used by Sophie if she really had been a hatter’s daughter during the Victorian era. I made the buttons by covering some other buttons with the same fabric. I also wore brown boots, black overknee socks and pantalettes that I made from an old blouse. 

I bought the hat, but made the decorations myself. The little pink balls are wood with fabric swen onto them.


I’m in a book!


The Swedish book featuring me: Sven Hartman, red: Slöjd bildning &kultur, Carlsson bokförlag, ISBN 978 91 7331 657 6

This cosplay was also featured in a Swedish book about handicrafts. One of my teacher’s when I was studying textile history asked if she could use it in a short section about cosplay and I said yes.