DON’T BLINK! Weeping Angel from Halloween 2013

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Don’t even blink…

The theme for the Halloween party I went to in 2013 was Face Your Fears, and I chose to dress up as a Weeping Angel from the Dr Who episode Blink. That episode is scary no matter how many times I watch it! If you haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil it here, but I highly recommend it. It’s kind of a stand-alone episode, so you can watch it even if you haven’t seen any other Dr Who episodes.

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Blink, and your dead.

The outfit is a rather simple dress with elastic waist and pleats. I tried to choose fabric, wig and makeup that were of the same grey colour, and I’m particularly pleased with how the grey makeup on my skin and the fabric align. The base of the wings is made from a plastic box which I reshaped and taped together and covered with fabric. I deliberately cut the fabric of the wings rather slapdash and left  the edges raw to give the illusion of chipped stone.






They’re fast, faster than you can believe



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Don’t turn your back, don’t look away and DON’T BLINK! Good luck.

I didn’t manage to get the contacts I had bought into my eyes before the party, so my eyes are my natural brown instead of stone grey. Better luck next time! This was not an ideal party oufit, as I constantly had to keep track of where I put my painted arms so I didn’t stain any furniture. But I did manage to frighten my friends a bit, so I call it a success!

Oswin Oswald from Asylum of the Daleks

Yup, Clara is my favourite companion! She’s smart, fun and pretty! I first made this cosplay for a theme party, and then I added the shoes and wore it to the Swedish convention Multicon 2013. I also wore it when Sylvester McCoy was in town and there was a costume show. Both the dress and the shoes work great for everyday wear as well, which is nice for a girl with little money and a wardrobe overflowing with historical clothing only worn once a year.

The dress is made with stretch fabric in two layers. I bought the shoes and the socks, for once I actually did find the exact ones I wanted! On the belt, I simply placed a measuring tape and two hair clips. If I ever do this cosplay again, I’ll also try to craft the tools in her belt. I usually avoid cosplays that require a lot of crafting other than sewing, but at some point I suppose I’ll try that as well!

Clara Oswin Oswald Governess

image4My favourite companion, one of my favourite historical fashion eras and a challenging costume! Of course I had to cosplay Clara Oswin Oswald as a governess in the Dr Who episode The Snowmen! I first made it for a New Years party with the theme ”Hats” because she wears a hat in one short scene of the episode… Obscure references ftw! Then I fixed it up a bit for the Steampunk Convention in Gävle, Sweden 2014. The collar and fastening needed redoing, that was one of the most difficult things I have ever made. I cheated a bit and used a zipper in the front and just used the buttons as decoration. But I recieved a lot of compliments during the convention, and at least one person recognised the cosplay!


Maybe this cosplay isn’t exactly Steampunk but more Victorian. But the timeframe fits, and Dr Who definitely has steampunk elements! Come on, a machine that’s alive and travelling through space and time with a suspiciously british alien!

At first, I made the dress using my regular measurements, but since I had the idea to make a corset to wear under it, my waist measurement became slightly smaller and I had to redo it. For reference pictures, I used a Pinterest board. The pattern is a copy of an authentic 1887 dress from the book Patterns of Fashion 1 by Janet Arnold, but I drew the collar myself. I bought the hat and covered it with velour fabric and attached the bow and feathers. The blue fabric was a remnant of a wool fabric intended for suits, and the shop hade just enough of it left. The collar is made with sturdy cotton for firmness and microsatin for shine. The skirt is my ATS Bellydance skirt. I didn’t have time to make a proper bustle, so I just folded a lace petticoat a few times and tied it to my waist.