2015-04-26 10.51.26

The tasselbelt I use. Made from a tablecloth and tassels from a scarf.

When dancing ATS, the bouncing tassels of the tasselbelt emphasises the hip movements. Making tasselbelts is a great way to personalise your ATS costume and to use up beautiful pieces of fabric that aren’t big enough to make anything else out of. I made my favourite tasselbelt on the left from the same tablecloth I used for my green medeival dress. The gold ones are made from another tablecloth that already had triangular sides. Upcycling ftw!

I make tasselbelts to order, and these two below are for sale! Contact me at emmasdraktprojekt@yahoo.com!


Tasselbelt in gold, red and blue. FOR SALE: SEK250


Tasselbelt in gold, purple and green. FOR SALE SEK200


The front laces for the gold tasselbelts. The green and white one is tablet woven and the red and blue one is finger braided.