Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!


Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

Pokémon theme party of 2012! I dressed up as Jessie from Team Rocket in the original anime. Sorry, I don’t play Pokémon, but it was one of the first animes I watched as a little girl along with Sailor Moon.







Not much sewing invloved in this costume, but some other craftiness! The top is a shirt which I folded up and secured with safety pins. I did make the skirt, by cutting off an old tank top and hemming it. The gloves are a pair of short leather gloves plus the cut of legs of faux leather leggings. Instead of boots, I wear overknee socks. The earrings are buttons attached to earring hooks. The ‘R’ is made of ribbon glued onto cardboard.



Prepare for trouble!


Make it double!



























Bild 2010-12-31 kl. 18.19 #2The hairstyling was the most work really. I teased my own hair over a huge pair of rollers with velcro and braided in some wire to make it stand a bit. Plus a ton of hairspray.



Pink Gold Peach Cosplay

2015-10-10 13.44.56

Ready to race!

I am quite incapable of hosting parties that don’t have a theme. Without a theme, how can I dress up? Most recently, I hosted a sport-themed house-warming party dressed as Pink Gold Peach from Mario Kart 8! Racing games count as sports, right? So far, Mario Kart 8 is the only game for the WiiU I own, and the only console game I’m relatively good at. I’ve wanted to cosplay my main, Pink Gold Peach, for a long time.

Then entire outfit is made with gold spandex. I drafted the pattern based on my gym tights and a t-shirt. The gloves are based on a pattern I found on the internet which I altered to make the gloves long. For the thigh high boots, I used a pair of ankle boots I already had and made long shoe covers, guided by internet tutorials. So, how do I get in and out of this outfit? Can you guess where the zipper is? It put it in a rather unorthodox place: namely around the hips! Ten points if you got it right! The other alternative was to put it at the centre back, but that would be very visible and require an extra seam (the fewer seams the better if the character you’re cosplaying doesn’t really look like they’re wearing clothes). Placed around the hips, the zipper is hidden under the belt.

Yup, I made a gold spandex body suit from scratch. For a theme party. But who knows, maybe I’ll get the chance to use the outfit again at a convention or something like that? In that case, I will probably make some kind of mask and crown, or a complete head piece, to truly become Pink Gold Peach from top to toe!



Are you going to a theme party and need an awesome outfit? Contact me!

2015-10-10 13.46.47


Sheik from Ocarina of Time


Sheik from Ocarina of Time.

My awesomely fit friend Maria was rocking her Sheik cosplay at Närcon 2015. Everything made by me except the “shoes” and the painting on the tabard. She also wears a fake fringe and red circle lenses. Apart from being a huge Zelda fan, Maria is a physiotherapist, personal trainer and body fitness competitor, so she has the muscle to pull off a life-like Sheik! Follow her on instagram and her blog!


Biceps at the first fitting!

I made the costume with stretch fabric of two different shades of blue, and white jersey bias tape around the edges. Around the chest, arms, fingers and headpiece we wrapped strips of an old sheet. Both the strips and the bias tape were first dyed with green tea to give them a more weathered look. No hemming, they’re supposed to look frayed. Some references from Pinterest, although it was hard to find good images from the appropriate game.

I based the pattern for the top and tights on some of Maria’s own tight work-out gear but changed the seam placements. The sheet strips around the chest are attached with seams at the centre, sides and the zipper opening in the back so that we wouldn’t have to wrap her up every single time she wore the cosplay.


Muscle-enhancing panels!

This is how I designed the panels on the sleeves: 1. I made a sleeve of the lighter blue fabric. 2. I asked Maria to put it on and flex her muscles. 3. I drew the shapes around her muscles with fabric marker. 4. I cut the shapes out and cut new ones from the darker blue fabric. 5. I edged the dark blue panels with bias tape and attached them to a new sleeve of the lighter blue. Same process with the legs.





Sheet strip hat on a hat form.

For the hat, I used a tight stretchy cap as a base and glued the sheet strips on to it while it was sitting on an old hat form. After the glue had dried, I removed the cap from within and was left with a hat so stiff it could stand on its own. I had originally planned to keep the stretchy cap inside, but that turned out too bulky. Anyway, it wasn’t needed to retain the shape of the hat.








The tabard isn’t hemmed either, for a torn look, and turns into a tube around the neck which is held up with wire on the inside. Maria couldn’t see very well while we were walking around at the convention, but she got a lot of praise from other visitors!



Medieval Week on Gotland 2015 #1: Zelda’s Hylia Dress from Skyward Sword

I recieved a fun comission for this year’s Medieval Week on Gotland: a girl who wanted to be Zelda! At first, we thought we’d make the costume from Twilight Princess, but since she lives far away, making proper fittings impossible, we chose the simpler Hylia Dress from Skyward Sword. Plus points: the cut is inspired by medieval garments!


Hylia in Visby!


Dress with paper template.


I designed the dress using the same straight pieces and triangular gussets I use when making medieval clothes. In the back, I made adjustable laccing, partly because I wouldn’t be able to fit it perfectly on my client, and it turned out quite well! The pattern at the neck was the most difficult part: first, I made a paper template, then I hemmed to layers of fabric together along the edges of the pattern. Tricky! I look forward to seeing my creation in action at this year’s Medeival Week!


The neck.


Adjustable lacing.