MUUN PURINSESU Princess Serenity

There’s a new Sailor Moon anime being aired right now: Sailor Moon Crystal! It’s much more like the manga than the old anime from the 90s. Of course, that means we had to have a Sailor Moon Party! What do you mean, this outfit is too much for just a theme party? Dressing up is the whole point of theme parties! Besides, I already had the wig, shoes and dress. The dress is my white Regency dress, I just attached a pearl necklace and a bow. I adorned my forehead with a moon-shaped earring suspended from a gold thread. Did you know that the inspiration for Princess Serenity’s dress was a design by Christian Dior? Google ”palladio dress”!

Red Regency Day Dress

I made this dress for a Regency themed Christmas party that never took place, so I wore it at home on Christmas Eve instead. I’ve also used it at other Regency gatherings, mainly dance workshops. If you haven’t tried dancing country dances, or medieval dancing chich is rather similar, I strongly recommend you do! It’s so much fun!

The dress is made with printed cotton fabric I found on Etsy. I copied the pattern from the book Patterns of Fashion 1 by Janet Arnold . I’m fortunate enough to be same size as the patterns in her books, so I didn’t have to change anything. The ribbon is a regular sating ribbon.

Lydia Bennet/White Regency Dress

Although I never had a crush on Mr Darcy, I’ve been pretty obsessed with the world of Jane Austen since I was little. Every time I was home sick from school, I would watch Pride and Prejudice (the BBC mini series from 1995, of course!). I’ve watched pretty much every film adaption, read all of the books several times over, and been to two Jane Austen larps. The first time, I played Kitty Bennet, the second time Lydia Bennet. The picture is from when I was Lydia, but I used the same dress both times. It’s made from a thin white cotton fabric that is a bit like muslin, decorated with lace and a green velvet ribbon. I also wore a shift, stays, white tights and ballet shoes. At the larp, there were men in dress coats or military uniforms, ladies in beautiful gowns, romantic intrigues and country dancing! Lydia flirted with the officers, was reprimanded by her mother, and was just about to elope with Mr Wickham (played by my boyfriend <3) when the larp ended. I’m so happy to be alive today: you can be in the world of Jane Austen for on evening, and then return home where women are allowed to vote and there are contraceptives and modern health care.

A tip for other Jane Austen fans: the Youtube series The Lizzy Bennet Diaries! I usually don’t like modern adaptions, but this one is wonderful!