1940s-inspired Winter Princess Coat


Faux fur, wool blend and lining.

I started this project last winter, and this year in March I finally finished it. I had wanted to make a pretty winter coat for ages, but the real inspiration came when I found the fantastic  lining on sale. The choice of fabric and faux fur after that was all to match the lining (don’t you usually do it the other way round?^^). It took me forever of looking at patterns and pictures of 1940s princess coats to finally decide on the cut. An then many fitting and remodellings before I was satisfied with the silhouette. It ended up more as more of a 1940s+Victorian mix, but hey, I like both periods! I drafted everything myself from modified dress and sleeve pattern pieces. And yay, the hat from my Clara Oswin Oswald Governess Cosplay matches!

1950s dress underneath and late 1940s shoes on my feet!


The fur collar can be wrapped around the neck.


Metal zipper on the side ends at the waist.


Pleats make the sleeves puff out.

1940s “Diamond Dresses”


“Diamond dress” cut shown with Paint.

IMG_1261“Diamond dress” is a term of my invention to refer to dresses with this type of cut, as seen on the left. I like it so much I made two dresses out of the same pattern, with minor differences. All drafted by me with inspiration from authentic patterns form the 1940s, my favourite vintage era. I love the slim hourglass shape. The black one is made of a very sheer wool blend. It is gathered below the bust and has long sleeves.




IMG_1535The red one is made of viscose. It has pleats that meet at the bust and short sleeves.With both dresses I wear a brooch I inherited from my grand mother. I think it may actually be from the 1940s.


Diamond-shaped brooch.

Star Trek TOS Science Officer

Sci-Fi theme at our New year’s party of 2015/2016! I have recently begun educating myself in the ways of Star Trek The Original Series. I wish the other Star Trek series could have been as progressive for their time as the original, so many missed opportunities!  Anyway, I decided to dress up in Star Fleet uniform – 1960s mini dress style. IF I ever was to be qualified for Star Fleet, I think I would be more suited to be a science officer than security or command. Would there a place for a dress consultant to help the crew blend in with new cultures?

2015-12-31 18.35.08

Am I needed on the bridge?

I found the pattern at this site, but didn’t have a lot of time to alter it according to my measurements. So when it came out much too wide, I simply removed one of the panels in the back and voilá, it fits pretty well! I drafted the collar myself. As I was pressed for time, I didn’t bother hemming it, and the fabric doesn’t fray anyway. I suppose I will remedy that for the next time I wear it.

There are Klingons on the starboard bow!

The fabric is a very shiny spandex in almost the correct shade of blue, but I used the wrong side of it to get a more matte surface. Here you can see what the fabric supposedly looked like in the actual TOS uniforms, but needless to say it was hard to find an exact match. I cut out the badge from a piece of ribbon with a gold reverse side, dabbed some glue on it to keep it from fraying and attached it with a safety pin. The collar is just some black cotton I had lying around.


Inside of skirt. The skirt panels overlap both at the front and back but are only attached at the corners for flexibility.


Combadge made of ribbon and glue, secured with a safety pin.